August Memory Foam Mattress Set Coupon

Is it HOT enough for ya yet here in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas?

We think we’ve got the hottest pricing in town for our memory foam mattress sets and we just got hotter!

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Hot Mattress Sale in August

We are taking another 50.00 off our already really low prices for our memory foam mattresses.  How can we do this and still be profitable?  It’s simple……. no sales people, no big store front (nice storage set up with example mattresses), no big time marketing budget (just a nice group of friends that share and refer us), and a very good reputation in customer service.  Plus, we know you’ll tell others about us and come back for your other mattress replacements.

Please make an appointment today and say, “The Hot August Summer Sale Mattress Coupon” made you do it!  We appreciate those that support our small one man show Texas business.

***Please understand that this 50.00 off coupon can not be combined with any of the other online coupons you might find.  We already offer extremely low prices and can not combine offers or coupons!***


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