Top Ten Reasons For Memory Foam Mattress

We sell various types of mattress sets in the DFW areas, but our favorite is the memory foam mattress!  Here are the Dallas Discount’s top ten reasons for purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Perfect for All Sleepers – Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side Memory Foam Mattresses are perfect for you. Memory Foam molds, contours and cradles every part of your body allowing you to get into your most comfortable position naturally.

Won’t Disturb Your Partner – Memory Foam contours to your body’s exact contours, and your partner’s. If you get up at night, your partner’s portion of the bed remains peaceful. When they get up, you also will not be disturbed.

Chiropractic Support – Foam supports every part of your body evenly and individually. This allows the spine to stay in a natural position. Memory foam reduces pressure points on your spine and assists in reducing tossing and turning at night.

Outstanding Coupon for a memory foam mattress – We offer some of the best prices for our mattresses, especially the memory foam.  We are offering 50.00 off our already amazingly low prices. This deal can not be combined with any other offers and only one coupon per customer.

Hypoallergenic – Foam mattresses are great for allergy sufferers. Memory foam is hypoallergenic.

No Flip Styling – Foam mattresses don’t sag like conventional mattresses. You will never find the need to flip or rotate a Memory Foam mattress.

NASA Developed – Memory foam was developed by NASA to reduce G-Forces on astronauts during takeoff. Foam mattresses prove to be the best sleep systems modern technology can offer.

Latex Plush Memory FoamComfort and luxury – Memory foam beds create a sleeping experience where you are cradled in comfort and luxury, while providing you the best nights sleep. Just ask anyone who has one!

No More Dust Mites – Most Beds and mattresses are great environments for dust mites. Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.

Recommended by Thousands of Health Professionals – Thousands of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists recommend visco-elastic memory foam mattresses for their patients. Many patients report deeper sleep, less tossing and turning and diminished pain.

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